Droga5 lands its punches for Bulk Powders

Droga5 London should be paid by the TV companies for its skill in finding clients to make TV ads and here’s another newbie (so far as we can see) sports nutrition brand Bulk Powders.

Bulk Powders help you “dominate life” it seems, instanced by a cool-as-you like bulky young man across the table from a sweaty car salesman. With a surprise appearance by a heavyweight champ from Wqtford.

One quibble: The sweaty salesman wins though – he does make the sale.

Anyway – nicely done as ever from this agency. The attention to detail and finish of the ad is impeccable. This one involves Biscuit Filmworks and The Mill in what, for many agencies, would be a cheap studio shoot. But it shows.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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