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Have YouTube’s algorithms gone bananas?

I know that YouTube is under pressure for publishing inappropriate this and that – with advertisers withdrawing in droves although that probably won’t last – but have its (possibly rehashed) algorithms gone mad?

When I go to YouTube I usually get a selection of the sad things I occasionally watch – Mad Men, old battles, bits of Prince – but today it’s hip hop, Britain’s Got Talent, make-up tips, Harry and what’s her name – all things in which I have no interest whatsoever.

It’s bad enough these online giants apparently knowing everything about you (at least it used to save time) but when it manifests itself as supposed interest in Taylor Swift’s eyebrows a mild irritation becomes critical.

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  1. Interesting short post. Online platforms as a whole are becoming increasingly personalised, being able to track you and target you with information you may be interested. YouTube’s algorithms will certainly keep on changing!

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