What do John Lewis, adam&eve and Michel Gondry have in store for Christmas?

This year’s John Lewis Christmas ad by adam&eveDDB is in the can (as we used to say) according to Campaign, directed by Michel Gondry. Dangerous as it leaves lots of tinkering time. Gondry has made so many classic commercials it’s hard to read too much into this as to what John Lewis has in store.

Doubt that this classic for Levi’s from BBH is much of a clue.

Or this for Smirnoff.

Unless John Lewis is really going to frighten the horses but the ‘Man in the moon’ of a couple of years ago did enough of that (or the parodies did).

Mostly client and agency stick to safer ground with animals; Buster the boxer, Monty the penguin, the bear and the hare. Does M. Gondry do animals?

They haven’t done cats yet but that might be a bit obvious. What about a lion cub of the big, fierce variety?

Christmas and leaks about Christmas ads seem to come earlier every year.

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