Pizza Hut’s new home delivery service is marooned in the 70s

Ogilvy & Mather in the UK is streets ahead in the new biz stakes, winning Vodafone and Boots and goodness knows what else. So credit to new CEO Charlie Rudd and CCO Mick Mahoney.

And fairy godmother WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell, of course.

A few weeks back it produced another nice Kronenbourg ad, featuring Eric Cantona.

Now it’s back for Pizza Hut’s new home delivery service. Featuring “characters” from some 1970s kids’ programme called Rainbow.

Someone, not always noted for his charity towards other people’s ads, told me this was the worst ad he’d seen all year, possibly ever.

Hmm. But is it post-ironic. Or even post-post-ironic?

Or just bad?

The latter I fear.

MAA creative scale: 2.

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  1. What an utterly lazy review of an ad, however the ad made you feel. You don’t look like you’re too young to remember this children’s programme so I can only imagine you were too lazy to do a small amount of research. “Featuring “characters” from some 1970s kids’ programme called Rainbow”? Therein is the problem with your “review” (which is usually a considered, balanced presentation of what the ad is about, just, you know, for your future reference. You’ve made no attempt made to understand where O&M were coming from with the creative chosen.
    I’m not too familiar with your work but on this attempt, I’m certainly not inclined to get to know it any further. Lazy journalism at its finest, topped off by an opinion from someone else.

  2. How can you not know what Rainbow is? I’m 23 and even I’ve heard of it!

  3. I’ve led a very sheltered life Mike