New-style Leo Burnett London has dramatic new look

It’s all change of Leo Burnett London with a new CEO in Gareth Collins from Fallon, a lively new creative director in Chaka Sobhani and the new role of Fallon’s latest foster parent.

Now the agency has produced a new spin on its worldwide logo, which has had multiple versions over the years.

Here’s a recent one featuring Leo’s legendary big black pencil.

And London’s new variants from a team led by head of design Phil Bosher (with pencils and Leo-style glasses).

Sobhani says: “At Leo Burnett we believe that solving human problems is what makes businesses grow. Put simply, we always want to turn up human and look to make stuff that people truly love. Our new visual identity needed to reflect this agency philosophy. So we’ve created a simple but more fun, friendly and inviting look that better reflects the personality of the agency and people within it.”

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