Iotec: mobile ads have marketers well confused but that doesn’t stop them doing more of it

Iotec, which describes itself as an independent, transparent media buying platform, has been looking into mobile ads and has discovered, in a survey of 500 marketers, that 41 per cent are (its words) “intimidated” by them. Even more so than desktop.

In 2016, mobile activity accounted for over half of the UK’s digital advertising, amounting to £3.86bn. Given the widespread scepticism about ad fraud, viewability and all the rest of it this might be seen as lemming-like behaviour.

Key findings of the survey include:

Growing demand for mobile programmatic: Over 60 per cent of marketers plan to increase their ad spend in mobile programmatic over the next year.

Greater complexity in mobile advertising: A third of all those who responded found mobile programmatic just as confusing as on desktop, while 41 per cent found it to be more complicated on mobile.

Fraud is at the forefront of transparency concerns: Of those surveyed, advertisers felt that the top three transparency concerns within the industry are: (i) fraud (32.8 per cent); (ii) viewability (28.7 per cent); (iii) targeting (22 per cent).

Transparent pricing is the greatest concern for marketers: More than half of marketers (50.4%) identified transparent pricing as their primary focus due to growing industry concern.

Fully transparency supply chain is a top priority for marketers: The data revealed that the most important piece of a marketer’s relationship with their vendor is a fully transparent supply chain (27.2 per cent).

Similarly, the top reason for changing adtech providers was transparency (20.2 per cent), even above performance.

Iotec CEO Paul Wright says: “Our findings have made it incredibly clear that brand advertisers and tech vendors all need to improve the way our industry works. An open and honest ecosystem with an active commitment to ad fraud prevention stands to benefit us all.

“That’s why we wanted to conduct this research – we now know that marketers perceive the mobile programmatic landscape to be complex, further exacerbating the issue of transparent actions. After all, how can you work effectively within a system you don’t understand? Therefore, we hope these results and recommendations serve as benchmarks for industry leaders to sign up to and use for themselves and their clients in the future.”

It’s certainly in the button for iotec. It’s always been the case that lots of people do things because they think everybody else is. This is a data-free insight..

Full report here.

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