Andre Moreira of Team Toyota picks his Desert Island Ads

Andre Moreira is ECD of The&Partnership’s Team Toyota, a spanking new agency network formed to handle Toyota across Europe.

I don’t like desert islands. They’re boring. I prefer having people around. Plus, I’d be out of a job. No advertising needed in desert islands. Cars, even less so. Which is a shame because I like what I do, and I love the people I do it with.

So, I asked the creative directors from our European offices (and yes, that still includes the UK), to pick a car ad they’re particularly fond of and that was made wherever they live.

This way, if that sad day ever happened where I had to leave this island for a less interesting one, I could at least bring something with me that helped alleviate the boredom and remind me of how lucky I was in my previous life.

Desert Island Ads

From Fabrizio, in Italy, a proper classic. One of those rare ads that still holds up as well now as it did when it came out – almost 15 years ago.

Peugeot – Sculptor

From Rune, Sebastian, Riita and Ben, in the Nordics, probably the best B2B campaign ever – Volvo Trucks.

Plus, a very sweet and very smart idea from Mazda to get bums on test drives.

Mazda – Happy Dogs

From Jakub and Piotr, in Poland, one of the cleverest product demos I’ve seen.

Skoda – Remote Boot

From Silvia, in Germany, a completely unexpected approach to a really boring, but really important subject:

Renault – NCAP Ballet

From Arnaud, in France, a flashback to a golden age of car advertising from the great Jacques Séguéla – I remember watching this as a kid and thinking ‘how the hell did they do that?’ (legend goes that Séguéla was a personal friend of President Mitterrand, called him directly and got him to lend the aircraft carrier just for the ad).

Citroen – GTI Sauvage

And a flash forward to what data and creativity combined can achieve. Scary.

Ford – Predictive Tweets

From Dom, Phil and Dan, in the UK, my favourite car ad of all time.

Honda – Hate Something

And a beast of a film for Audi (best sound design and best packshot ever, right?)

Audi – Bull

And from our own office in Spain, a car ad that invites you to take the bus. Brave.

Toyota – Drive like you think

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