Now captures the myth of New York for New York Bakery

New York’s relationship with bagels is a wonder to behold so, for the New York Bakery Co., London agency Now has tracked down formidable 82-year old Edna, the woman who, it seems, “runs New York.”

Edna doesn’t believe in any of that putting the customer first nonsense, it’s the bagels, stupid.

Edna has views on lots of things in an ambitious campaign, including England.

And social media.

No doubt Edna will be running for president next time around, after all she’s only 82 and three quarters.

Above any other city New York lends itself to this sort of self-mythologising and Now has captured it here.

A proper old-style campaign, maybe the first time London indie Now has had a real run at one of these. So credit to New York Bakery Co. too.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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