CHI joint ECD Micky Tudor picks his Desert Island Ads


Micky Tudor is joint executive creative director of CHI&Partners, the UK agency that sits in the centre of international network The&Partnership. He began his career at Lowe Howard-Spink and joined CHI in 2002.

Desert Island Ads

These are in no particular order. Just the ones that first sprang to mind. There could have been a dozen more at least. I looked for a theme that tied them together but I am not sure there is one apart from my own little journey in advertising.

Miller – Evil Beaver

Total lunacy. A soaring Spaghetti Western score fuses into thrash metal. It’s filmic, but stars a man in a beaver costume – and it starts with the end pack shot. Completely nuts and utterly brilliant.

The Independent – Litany

Beautifully shot, beautifully written and even has masturbation in it. If that wasn’t enough, it tells you not to buy the product. It’s the greatest vignette ad ever made.

Stella Artois – Plague

This is the closest a lowly advert has ever got to a movie.

Reebok – Theatre of Dreams

The best star-studded ad I have ever seen, and the best pack shot too.

Diesel – Training Mouth-to-Mouth Breath

I loved the era of these great Swedish ads. I especially love the knowingly comedic music in this.

Sony Bravia – Balls

My wife used to be a producer and I remember her coming home and telling me she had to research how to get hold of a million bouncy balls. The end result was so good that even the silly little spoof I did of it for Tango won at Cannes the same year.

Honda – Grrrr

I could watch this over and over again tapping my toes under the palm tree on my desert island and still not pick up all the brilliant detail in it.

Volkswagen – Father/Daughter (shot by Thirty Two)

I had just become a dad to my little girl when this came out. That’s why this beautifully observed ad would come to the desert island with me. Pathetic I know.

Levi’s – Flat Eric

How do you follow Levi’s Creak and the like? With the coolest finger-tapping-head-banging damn puppet you ever saw of course. Messed with my head when I first saw this.

Volkswagen – Snow Plow

When you see a great ad you first think “great product” not “great idea.”. This is the mother of all great ads plus it reminds me of the book (‘Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?’) I was given by a friend on my first day of advertising college.

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