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McKinsey says world’s top performing companies score highest in creative awards

Not being at Cannes I can’t speak about the quality of the presentations – I leave that to my good friend Jane Austin – but here’s an interesting one available on YouTube from McKinsey partner and digital wizz Jason Heller. Heller is a former agency entrepreneur so not your usual McKinsey type.

McKinsey has devised an Awards Creativity Score for advertisers, comparing the financial and market performance of those who’ve won lots of Cannes Lions over the past 16 years with those that haven’t. And, hey presto, the former have creativity “hardwired” into the organisation, are fanatically customer-centric (as opposed to talking the talk, which is all most British companies do) and are obsessed with speed to market even if this involves taking risks.

And they make more money.

Unfortunately Jason didn’t tell us who the ACS top scorers were but it wouldn’t be that difficult to produce a list (like Cannes Creative Advertisers of the Year perhaps).

Should be the definitive answer to those who decry what Heller calls the “art of marketing” in favour of the supposed science of it (Heller says you need ’em both).

He also has an interesting take on the perennial Big Idea debate. These days, he says, it’s more about continuously adapting big ideas in a big way (“adapt or die”) than re-inventing the wheel.

Worth a look.

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