Corbyn election performance defies the experts, the critics and the money

How can a party with enough money to spend over £1m on Facebook ads, more consultants and supposed internet wizards in its ranks than you can shake a stick at, the world’s numero uno spinmeister in Lynton Crosby (or Australia’s anyway) and most experienced politica ad agency M&C Saatch,i bugger things up twice in two years?

Not just that but they’ve done so in a General Election as, almost exactly year ago, they did in the EU referendum. Neither vote needed to be held.

That’s what’s dawning on the UK’s Tories this morning as Theresa May’s disastrous gamble of a snap election mirrors David Cameron’s daft decision to call a referendum on Europe when he didn’t have a deal from Europe to sell.

May will no doubt go the way of Cameron and the Tories may not even succeed in forming a coalition government. If they do it will probably be because they managed to turn back the Nationalist tide in Scotland, thereby denying Labour coalition allies.

But the big winner is Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn (above) who, whatever you think of his political views, came across as a human being and a pretty decent one at that. Ii’s reassuring in many ways that that still counts for something in politics.

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