Roger Moore’s life in ads reached its peak – for Tesco?

Sir Roger Moore, who’s died at 89, was best known for his rather unconvincing outings as James Bond (to my mind anyway) started as a knitwear model and went on to play Ivanhoe and The Saint on TV before Bond beckoned.

His acting efforts always had something of the knitwear model about them but the genial Moore was happy to buttress his substantial income by appearing in ads and, unlike most of his starry peers, gave every impression of rather enjoying it.

Here’s one for Bank’s’ Bitter, which I doubt was his tipple of choice.

And, rather later in life, the Post Office. Moore was a resident of Switzerland..

But if anyone was going to coax a performance out of Moore it would be Lowe Howard-Spink (whose roots lay in celeb specialists CDP) and here he is in this fantasy ad with Tesco’s Dottie, memorably portrayed by Prunella Scales.

Don’t think you’d get away with “a fine bird and a good stuffing” these days, alas.

The more supermarket advertising you see, the better Lowe’s efforts for Tesco appear and this all happened twenty or so years ago.

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