Kelly’s sticks with short, snappy and Cornish from Isobel

Isobel’s debut campaign for Kelly’s of Cornwall ice cream last year went back to basics by being partly in Cornish.

So this year it’s back with some more tuition on this strange tongue – Kernewek it seems, voiced by Dawn French.

R&R Ice Cream UK head of marketing Charlotte Hambling says: “Last year’s campaign delivered fantastic results for us. Following the launch of the 2016 campaign the brand has grown by 25 per cent year on year. Using the Cornish language gave us remarkable cut through with our consumers so it made sense for us to build on this and continue to celebrate Cornish culture. The series of films Isobel has created and the School of Cornish platform do exactly this – showing off the local area and culture to great effect.”

Does indeed give Kelly’s an identity although the product at the end looks a bit ersatz.

Yet another 20-second ad, what’s going on? Have media buyers, or their A1-fuelled laptops, decided 20 works best. Or is 20 seconds online much cheaper? Or better for Facebook?

I think we should be told.

MAA creative scale: 6.5 (pretty good for 20 seconds – when all ads reduce to ten seconds this will become 3.25. But you’ll all have stopped reading by then).

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