Brave inks differently for HP’s new printer package

HP is launching an Instant Ink subscription service plus all-in-one printer to try to encourage phone-sessed millenials to print.

Not an easy task as such people probably read somewhere that printer ink is the most expensive fluid on earth.

So agency Brave has created a set of online films to show how printing can get you out of tight spots.

Brave MD Ash Bendelow says: “It was a really exciting challenge that HP put to us: how do you make printing relevant to a generation that lives online? When your photos and documents only exist virtually, what’s going to convince you that physical things matter? So we set about creating situations we’ve all been in, with problems that printing can solve. Sometimes our characters take things a little too far, but it’s all in the name of raising a smile while reminding people that sometimes you can’t beat getting creative and making something real.”

‘Ink Differently’ was probably the first idea they came up with. Too often these hit the cutting room floor because there’s still time to change things but they shouldn’t.

Like most campaigns from Brave this is thoughtful and polished.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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