Brave and Framestore take Panasonic TVs back to cinema

UK independent agency Brave has teamed with Framestore Pictures for a new campaign for Panasonic televisions promoting their cinematic quality. So we get a cinema-style commercial for “the greatest film you’ll never see.” The international campaign, ‘Hollywood to your home,’ with run in the UK, Europe (two separate places – nearly) and New Zealand.


Panasonic head of marketing communications Amaya Albisu says: “Building on last year’s ‘True to the Director’s Vision’ campaign, which encapsulated our passion for engineering televisions that bring the filmmaker’s vision to life, ‘Hollywood to your Home’ makes that connection more viscerally and emotionally to the viewer, by associating the TV range with the cinema that they love.”

How do you differentiate televisions these days? Sony has been doing it for years without much noticeable effect to the bottom line.

At least there’s an idea here and it’s well executed, as you’d expect.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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