Food giant Dole makes UK ad debut with 101’s Big Bang

US agricultural giant Dole is launching its first UK ad campaign – through independent agency 101 – to support the launch of its new frozen fruit range, aimed at, among others, the burgeoning ranks of home smoothie makers.

We might have expected some wholesome rural types traversing sunny fields in search of raspberries. Instead we get Big Bang and and the explosive history of fruit (created with real dynamite it seems) in just thirty seconds.

Dole Packaged Foods Europe marketing director James Watson says: “The new Dole frozen fruit range has been developed to meet consumers’ need to find convenient ways to get more fruit into their lives. This new advertising clearly communicates that our high quality, perfectly ripe frozen fruit is ideal for making your own smoothies.”

Doesn’t lack ambition that’s for sure. Be interesting to see what comes next.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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