Bradley in the saddle is a bummer for Skoda

Skoda has signed up cyclist (Sir) Bradley Wiggins to front its car ads (apparently it has a cycling heritage and is a cycle sponsor) so here we have Brad cycling around around Snowdonia averring that “it’s important to make your own choices.” No sign of a man carrying a jiffy bag though.

Now you can see why Skoda has moved on from demonstrating that its cars (now made by Volkswagen) don’t fall apart but is this really the best way to show that they’re for individuals? You barely see the car, just lots of shots of Bradley’s bum and his various off-and-on bike highlights. Is the fact that he looks like Paul Weller really relevant? Or did Brad insist it went in?

Skoda, with Fallon, used to make rather good ads.

I know everyone says you can’t make ads like these in ye new digital age (can’t or don’t know how to?) but if you’re going to try something different at least give it a point.

MAA creative scale (new one): 3.

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