Why is a small campaign for Oxo such big news?

Much excitement in the tabloids over a new incarnation of the Oxo family, now the property of Premier Foods.

Isn’t Gogglebox a boon to the ad industry? Now you can put families on sofas again.

But, being Oxo, it’s round the kitchen table soon enough – which agency JWT has been doing for decades.

But it’s a well-stuffed 30 seconds with a neat twist.

MAA creative scale: 7.

Why do these get so much attention in the tabs? Maybe it’s because newspaper execs can actually remember them, being, mostly, persons of a certain age.

Here’s Lynda Bellingham, exchanging roguish twinkles.

And the original ‘Katie’ from the 1960s, giving her meals “man appeal.” No kids here.

You wouldn’t get away with that these days Mr Bullmore.

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