Amazon’s The Grand Tour unveils challenge to Top Gear

The big broadcasting event this winter will be the debut of The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson and friends’ (if such they be) new version of the BBC’s Top Gear on Amazon Prime.

Amazon has clearly spent zillions on this and we’ll have to wait and see if this is just the most expensive holiday in history for the boys or the kind of show that turns a mass audience to streaming. The trailer’s had over five million YouTube views so far so, presumably, the auguries are good.

Clarkson is rather a Marmite option and the way he’s appearing in everything Amazon at the moment, including ads for the mysterious Fire stick, may make him more so.

Top Gear is still a BBC property of course although they made a right cock-up of things when they hastily replaced Clarkson, Hammond and May with a vast line-up of less than compelling presenters headed by Chris Evans. Evans has now gone but it’s hard to see how they can compete with this vast budget exercise from their hangar somewhere in the Midlands.

Might they launch a passing off lawsuit at the last minute? Not realy the Beeb’s style but Top Gear historically has been the biggest contributor to BBC Worldwide’s coffers.

A poser for boss Tim Davie.

Here’s the Late Late Show’s James Corden doing his bit for The Grand Tour.

Lot of firepower there Tim.

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