Yorkshire Building Society and Red Brick Road show bigger rivals how to market mortgages

Mortgage advertising is usually a case of the bland leading the blind, probably because most of it’s in the hands of banks who are always in the dock over something or other and are therefore disinclined or unable to say anything interesting in case it lands them in even more doo-doo.

Yorkshire Building Society is the UK’s second largest behind Nationwide. In a new campaign from The Red Brick Road it tackles the problem of outgrowing your current home in a new way. With an idea!

Yorkshire Building Society customer acquisition manager Anna Higgins says: “With over 150 years of experience helping people get into the homes of their dreams, Yorkshire Building Society is uniquely positioned to understand what it’s like when your life outgrows the home you’re in. This campaign embodies that feeling in an evocative way, and we are delighted by how Red Brick Road have brought our proposition to life.”

Red Brick Road CEO, David Miller says: “There’s no brand better positioned to relate to the struggle of outgrowing your home. It has been great to partner with the Yorkshire Building Society team to bring this struggle to life while creating some visually arresting and differentiating creative for the category.”

Red Brick Road hasn’t had the best of times recently with big account Just Eat departing on the appointment of a new marketing boss and media agency the7stars hijacking much of its Suzuki budget for an Ant and Dec campaign with ITV.

But it’s a proper agency and this campaign shows why you hire them.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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