The Beano goes digital with Red Brick Road’s ‘So Beano’

The venerable Beano comic, published by DC Thomson up in Dundee, is going digital with a online offering. Never fear, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher are still available in print.

Red Brick Road (it seems to have dropped the definite article, as we do these days) has produced an appropriately lively launch campaign, seeming to move The Beano into Viz territory with ‘So Beano.’

Maybe a borrow from but we’ll let that pass.

Lively stuff all the same with a rather naughty joke at the end involving a hamster and ‘up your fun.’ Wonder if the client spotted that.

MAA creative scale: 8.

One Comment

  1. Where the hell is “Hotspur?” and “Dandy?” If you remember those you are as old as me… And that’s fucking old. Good job I’ve still got that picture in the attic. Cheers/George

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