Surprising news from Nat West: “we are what we do”

There’ve been some very good ads this month – which we’ll round up in due course – but an awful lot of tosh too.

Here’s Nat West (part of stricken RBS) telling us, courtesy of M&C Saatchi, that “We are what we do.” Now there’s a thing.

But WTF do they do?

It’s nicely put together and all that. Was the brief to produce something that might play well on YouTube (which it seems to be doing) but didn’t actually say anything – maybe because in an era of near-zero interest rates banks don’t actually do much/anything for us apart from provide a moderately reassuring alternative to leaving cash under the mattress.

You can say something, as the recent ad from The Red Brick Road for Yorkshire Building Society does (below). But Nat West didn’t get where it is today by being helpful or relevant.

MAA creative scale: 5 (production).

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