Lock up your daughters, it’s Trump says punchy new Clinton ad

Much moaning and groaning in the British weekend press about the failure of the Remain campaign in the Brexit vote to allow its agencies to hanmmer Farage, Johnson, Gove and co and, maybe, swing the vote their way.

It’s gloves off time in the US presidential election though for Democrat Hillary Clinton, asking voters if ‘President’ Trump is a suitable man for their daughters (the Donald has a history of what sounds like misogyny).

A punchy but still stylish thirty seconds.

If this was a normal election Trump excesses like these would sink his candidacy. But it isn’t, otherwise Trump wouldn’t be the Republican candidate (he”s never been a Republican anyway).

But Clinton has to hope that American wakes from its mad dream.

MAA creative scale: 8.


This is an updated version of an earlier story. In the first we ascribed the ad to Droga5, which has worked for Clinton before. It wasn’t, it seems.

Anyway, plaudits to whomever did this.

It’s the Donald vs Hillary presidential prime time debate tonight. Fingers crossed…

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