Hearts & Science names Ralston-Good as first UK CEO

Omnicom’s new media agency Hearts & Science is opening in the UK with media planner Frances Ralston-Good (below) as its first CEO. She is currently chief strategy and innovation officer at Omnicom Media Group UK.

Frances Ralston-Good, PHD, OMG, Feb2016, photographer Bronac McNeill

Frances Ralston-Good, PHD, OMG, Feb2016, photographer Bronac McNeill

Hearts & Science has stormed the US media world by winning Procter & Gamble and AT&T, worth a combined $6bn or so. The new agency promises a “data-driven” approach which will, according to Ralston-Good, offer “something distinctive and definable which isn’t just a service promise” to clients.

“The industry has had an imprecise way of measuring what consumers are doing. We need more precision.”

Ralston-Good seem to be the woman for the job, she’s worked in senior posts at the avowedly cerebral PHD and before that Naked, which helped to redefine media planning and encourage bigger media agencies to spread their wings.

It’s still hard to define what exactly Hearts & Science is and how it differs from what’s already in the market (not least at Omnicom) but whatever it is was obviously good enough for P&G and AT&T. But all the big media agencies are awash with planners and data these days.

But Hearts & Science describes itself as a “data-driven marketing agency” which suggests its ambitions extend beyond media planning and buying.

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