Common Industry wins “healthy teeth” Peppersmith

Peppersmith, which makes dental mints and gum, has appointed Common Industry to develop a new brand campaign. Common Industry describes itself as an independent communications company that blends the brand strategy and creative abilities of an ad agency with the fast-paced news generation of a PR shop.

Peppersmith, made from 100 per cent xylitol (a good thing apparently), is trying to persuade us to look after our teeth all day rather than just by brushing them in the morning and evening. It sells through Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barret and Wholefoods as well as online.


Peppersmith head of brand Lizzie Bartholomew says: “We are excited to have Common Industry on board as we move forward with our mission to inspire a healthy teeth revolution. Their expertise in creating innovative content that earns, rather than buys, its right to be seen, is perfectly aligned to our approach and where we see the future of the Peppersmith brand.”

Common Industry partner Aaron Cole says: “Peppersmith is a dream client for us. It has always been a stylish challenger brand, defying the category norms with a product that really is good on so many levels. We are looking forward to working with the Peppersmith team to realise their ambitions and take the brand to the next level.”

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