BETC Paris reveals the no fun at all side of Louise Delage

One Louise Delage has been captivating much of France on Instagram with thousand following the chic Parisian and her party-loving lifestyle.

But now charity Addict Aide and agency BETC Paris have revealed there’s a dark side to all that drink-fuelled partying.

She’s an alcoholic, although you have to admit she looks rather well on it. But this is advertising.

Addict Aide co-founder Michel Reynaud says: “It’s not too late for Louise to ask for help. We all know a Louise Delage (and) the Addict Aide platform offers tools to help all of those who ask themselves questions on their consumption or that of someone close to them.”

BETC president Stephane Xiberras says: “We wanted to use the media as a message. I think that the possibilities to get your message through are endless for those who know how to use the right tools.”

Which BETC does, of course. Masterful as ever but fresh and original too.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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