KBH signs Eurostar to new digital platform

On-train advertising company KBH has signed Eurostar to its new KBH digital platform Union Street.

Union Street allows advertisers to track key information about passengers including demographics, travel patterns, behaviour and lifestyle.

The Eurostar media contract creates a new international presence for KBH Digital and its advertisers. It includes advertising, content and sponsorship opportunities on the Eurostar onboard entertainment portal, on-train screens and off-train pre- and post-travel e-mails and boarding passes. In 2015 Eurostar carried 10.3m passengers.

Eurostar head of marketing Lionel Benbassat says: “Staying connected for work and leisure is very important to Eurostar customers. Our Wi-Fi service and media entertainment portal are designed to enhance the overall travel experience. Working with KBH Digital enables us to monetise this service and also to provide our customers with relevant, useful advertising messages.”

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