Tesco caught out in fake farms scandal

You sometimes goggle at how stupid companies can be – and might be extra-goggled by Tesco whose rebrand of many of its food products is being investigated by trading standards.

Why? Because it’s made up a series of nice-sounding farm brands to give the impression this stuff is grown or reared on said farms when, in fact, it can come from anywhere.

On Tesco’s website it says the products from Willow Farms and others are “reared or grown to specific standards from approved,farms, growers or suppliers.” All clear enough but, hang on, there’s that nifty weasel word “suppliers.” So it can come from anywhere.

It’s extraordinary to think that, after spending zillions under CEO Dave Lewis to smarten up its image, Tesco has tried to foist such a con on the public. Did Lewis know about this?



  1. In breaking news, Unigate Dairies confess that St. Ivel was not a real place.
    In further shocking revelations, it has also emerged that Mr Kipling was not a real person.

    Film at 7.

  2. Even though he was the longest running character (played by the same actor for 26 years) Mr. Whipple wasn’t real either. and he didn’t give a toss whether on not the little old ladies squeezed the Charmin.

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