Social Circle reveals UK’s rising social media influencers

Social media influencer platform Social Circle is launching what it calls a “bespoke cost per engagement model” to help advertisers work out which online movers and shakers work best.

Social Circle works with social media data and its own proprietary software to analyse influencers across the world and track industry-wide trends – via its very own algorithm, naturally.

To kick things off it’s released its first Social Climbers list naming the UK’s top 10 fastest rising influencers of the month (percentages showing growth over the previous month).

1. Scheiffer Bates (159.78%)
2. Leslie Wai (50.52%)
3. Marco in a BOX (44.89%)
4. Clare Siobhan (41.37%)
5. Nina Vee (39.47%)
6. Kristopher London (38.02%)
7. Scott Rea (32.23%)
8. Phillip Green (20.37%)
9. SugarPuffAndFluff (19.06%)
10. Shmee150 (18.35%)

Social Circle MD Matt Donegan says: “We created Social Circle as a solution to the greatest problem we felt the social influencer industry faces. With rapidly escalating social influencer fees, and often being provided with conflicting data on audience reach and engagement we found it difficult to recommend talent to clients and to track the benefits these campaigns were creating. Social Circle provides transparency in this exciting sector, enabling brands to make informed decisions that benefit both brands and influencers alike.”

So who are these guys Butch?

Scheiffer Bates is an impressionist it seems. Here he is doing Game of Thrones.

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