Why we’re packing the sunscreen and going to Cannes

I’m off to the Cannes Lions tomorrow – for the first time in decades – so there might be the odd interruption in service as I talk to lots of people I want to talk to and a fair few about whom I’m unconvinced.

But it has to be done – well maybe it does – although I realise that lots of you who aren’t there couldn’t give a flying fuck about the festival.

For better or worse it summarises what the world (who goes there) thinks are the world’s best commercial communications.

So we’ll try to bring you a balanced perspective.

untitled_design_41_0PS. Karmarama in the UK is behind a wheeze to produce a festival rosé (above), with some of the dosh going to local good causes. Good idea: what will the causes be? Hookers who’ve lost their handbags, suits whose credit cards have tanked? Who knows – anyway the wine’s very nice, like a sauvignon blanc with a tinge of pink.

So, in the spirit: à bientôt.

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