CHI celebrates 40 years of Prince’s Trust in gritty style

The Prince’s Trust is 40 years old and remains HRH’s biggest achievement, unless you’re a fan of his interventions in architecture and other issues.

CHI&Partners has handled the account for the last ten years and has produced a new film – ‘Parallel Lives’ – showing the life-changing impact the charity has had on some young lives. It says it’s helped over 800,000 young people over the piece.

Prince’s Trust director of marketing and communications Paul Brown says: “The idea behind this campaign is to give people a sense of the incredible impact The Prince’s Trust has had on generations of young lives, but also why it is still vitally important they support us as we look to the future. By showing the flip side of what could happen to vulnerable young people who don’t get the right support when they need it most, we hope to make people stop and think about how they might be able to support our cause.”

It’s clever to show these apparently identical young lives gradually diverging, quite gritty too. Niftily directed by Miles Jay at Smuggler.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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