Adam&eveDDB on the secrets of its Cannes success – and those shy guys at McCann

Sure Campaign won’t mind us showing one of their videos about Cannes…

Here’s adam&eveDDB CEO James Murphy and consiglieri Matthew Goff talking about this year’s Lions haul: two Grand Prix – for Harvey Nichols and John Lewis – placing them once more at the top of the UK heap.

It’s amazing that Harvey Nichols has won two GPs in three years. Has John Lewis won one before? We’re a bit dubious about ‘Creative Effectiveness,’ not because it doesn’t matter but, the way it’s structured, it surely denotes skill in awards submission as much as the work itself.

It’s worth noting that McCann won by far the most Lions among UK agencies – 21 against A&E’s 14, if you count Grand Prix and Bronzes the same. Its big winner seems to have been this XBox ‘experiential’ poster for Microsoft.

That’s the Cannes Lions version of it, which is a bit messy. Why hasn’t McCann got a version of it up here, there and everywhere? I actually saw it happening in Southwark on a visit to Omnicom Towers. If A&E had done it we’d all have known about it.


John Lewis’ ‘Monty’ has a Film Craft GP too so doubling up with Creative Effectiveness covers all the bases.

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