Lufthansa gets its retaliation in first in Euros battle

I suppose we can expect a plethora of Euros football themed ads as Roy’s boys set off to France to try to put an end to “50 years of pain/grief/agony,” choose your tabloid description. This, of course, refers to the last time England won a major football trophy, 1966, when they beat Germany in the World Cup Final at Wembley.

Since then the Germans have won a fair few such competitions, despatching England on a number of occasions. On the last occasion, in the 2010 World Cup, Germany won 4-1.

Which is given a clever spin in this new campaign – for Lufthansa’s ‘Fanhansa’ football promotion – from Hamburg agency Kolle Rebbe.

Will we see much from UK advertisers? In the recent past England have usually taken an early plane home so it’s a dangerous investment.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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