KBS Albion ‘Pool Kid’ ad for Thomas Cook launches new Sony Music star

Art imitating advertising is something we’re going to get more used to as brands become more involved with music and film.

KBS Albion’s ‘Pool Kid’ ad for Thomas Cook caused a stir when the track, by Tam Cooper, went to number one in the Spotify charts and now Sony Music has signed young Cooper, launching him with its own version of the ad.

KBS worked with The Sweet Shop and Earworm Music for the ad, inviting a number of artists to compose an original soundtrack.

Here’s the ad.

And Sony’s version.

KBS ECD Adam Lawrenson says: “Tam Cooper’s track stood out for us so we worked together with him to refine it. Advertising comes in for a lot of criticism at times but this goes to show we can inform creativity both in and outside the industry and by setting this bold tone for the brand, take the business in new and exciting directions.”

The overall campaign generated a revival for the high street travel company. Digital market share increased by 31 per cent, brand searches by 20 per cent and social media mentions by 451 per cent (presumably meaning there were hardly any before). More to the point, perhaps, is a claimed 173 per cent increase in new customers.


  1. German owner Tui is planning to ditch the Thomas Cook brand…
    Tui don’t own Thomas Cook they’re their biggest rival. Casts doubt about the validity of anything else in this piece…

  2. Sorry about that – careless of me. Going to remove the reference now

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