We need to see the whole video says Johnson’s lawyer in case against Martinez and JWT

More interesting stuff about that video – the one in l’affaire Martinez.

Plaintiff Erin Johnson’s lawyers have written to the judge in the case opposing WPP/JWT’s proposal that the video of Gustavo Martinez (below) addressing a JWT meeting should only be shown in court if JWT staff faces are blanked on privacy grounds.

Johnson’s attorney Anne C. Vladeck says: “Defendants (WPP and JWT) know that the video contradicts their contention that only plaintiff found Martinez’s purported joke about rape offensive. The video shows that some audience members’ expressions do not reflect amusement as defendants suggest. The aspects of the video showing that reaction, particularly given defendants’ emphasis on context are therefore important.”

A number of senior JWT staff at the meeting have supported Martinez, in part on the grounds that his English isn’t too good.

You couldn’t make this stuff up…

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