Saatchi Madrid links dogs to social media for Pedigree – is this a bark too far?

Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid has created ‘The Posting Tail,’ for Pedigree Petfoods, a device that allows dogs to share what they like on social media, without a human being involved.

When the dog sees something it likes, it wags its tail in a particular way. An accelerometer detects this movement and sends a signal to a camera. The camera takes a picture that automatically uploads onto the pet’s social media. The device is capable of distinguishing a regular tail wag from a happy one, thanks to a Raspberry processor with matching learning capabilities. It also includes a GPS so anxious owners know which places make the dog happier.

The dog’s tail turns into a ‘big data generator’ so the aforementioned pooch can participate in social networks, just like any other friend.

Created by Maxi Itzkoff and Mariano Serkin who used to be at Del Campo Saatchi in Buenos Aires, a regular source of brilliant ads.

It’s only a dog for chrissake. Barking mad.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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