Droga5 takes Hennessy’s ‘wild rabbit’ chase into the stratosphere and the depth of the ocean

Upmarket tipples have been telling us they’re about aspiration – as opposed to their taste or the fact they get you happily pissed – for decades.

If there’s any agency guaranteed to come up with a new twist on this venerable theme it’s Droga5 and the New York hotshop (it can still be so defined) produced the goods back in 2012 for LVMH’s Hennessy with ‘Never stop, never settle.’ The agency also completely flummoxed cognac aficionados and others by asking: “what’s your wild rabbit?”

Well the aforementioned bunny seems to have legs as it still plays a part in Hennessy’s blockbuster new TV and online campaign featuring Piccard père et fils, dad being the first man into the stratosphere (in a balloon) back in 1931 while son delved deeper into the ocean than anyone before, in 1960.

Total nonsense of course. Were they fuelled by Hennessy?

But it’s got pizazz to spare.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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