CHI saddles up iD mobile’s first brand campaign

Carphone Warehouse has its own mobile network, iD, which I must confess is a new one on me. Let’s hope it’s better than the associated TalkTalk broadband service.

CHI&Partners, which has seen some of its Carphone business escape to Brothers and Sisters recently, is on the case and is launching iD’s first brand campaign, a documentary-style content series ‘#DoYourOwnThing.’

The campaign features community group Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, a group of equestrians from Philadelphia who have overcome various difficulties to, indeed, do their own horsey thing. The point being to show that iD gives people more control too – over their phone contracts. Not quite Mean Streets but you get the drift.

Here’s one of the four films, ‘Urban Riders.’

The others are here.

Does this soft content stuff actually work?

The jury’s out but this is very well done, if such is your thang (as they may or may not say in Philadelphia).

MAA creative scale: 8.

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