AMV BBDO puts newbies in their place at Virgin Holidays

Adland remains a super-competitive place and there’s a considerable degree of satisfaction at AMV BBDO, the UK’s biggest creative agency, at landing Virgin Holidays.

virgin_holidaysAny new account is good, of course, and £5m Virgin Holidays now seems established as a successful and profitable holiday player. But the particular satisfaction for AMV lies in the agencies it worsted.

AMV beat Droga5 London in the final round after seeing off Lucky Generals earlier. D5 and Lucky Generals (or Unlucky Generals as one wag put it) must have fancied their chances: Virgin companies of all stripes are noted for choosing challenger agencies, in part because they can get a better deal. Both agencies could do with an established brand like Virgin Holidays to show they can take on the big boys.

AMV is so big there aren’t that many accounts up for pitch it can handle for conflict reasons. Virgin Holidays marketing chief Jay Kossifos says: “We were hugely impressed with all of the agencies who presented; however, we found the work created with AMV BBDO to be quite irresistible and, on behalf of the team here at Virgin Holidays, we are super-excited about our partnership.”

Cue Mog the cat-type grins all round at AMV.

This is an updated version of an earlier story

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