Adam&eveDDB unveils Foster’s ‘Good Call’ follow-up with dry cleaner Tom ‘For the Thirsty’

Last year we waved goodbye to Foster’s’ multi-award winning ‘Good Call’ campaign from adam&eveDDB featuring ockers Brad and Dan.

This was followed by a new ad, ‘Why the hell not?’ which looked like a new campaign but now Foster’s is back for the British summer (being optimistic here) with ‘For the Thirsty,’ which looks rather more like a ‘Good Call’ replacement.

It features Tom the dry cleaner, an Aussie-style cross dresser. Tom will also feature in idents as part of Foster’s Channel 4 comedy sponsorship.

Ifeoma Dozie, brand director at Foster’s owner Heineken, says: “Foster’s is famous for its entertaining commercials which resonate strongly with our consumers. This new campaign is not only humorous but its positive ‘go-getting’ themes speak to consumers who are thirsty for new experiences.” Ahah, thirst for life as opposed to just what we used to call the amber nectar.

This could, indeed, be a campaign with legs although a lot is riding on cheeky chappie Tom.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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