Adam&eve ventures into the front line in ‘Every Last Child’ global debut for Save The Children

Adam&eveDDB is launching its first global campaign – ‘Every Last Child’ – for charity Save The Children. The agency has worked with STC in the UK since 2010. Media for the three-year campaign is by the7Stars.

The campaign, shot in numerous hotspots including Jordan, Mexico, Bangladesh, Kenya and an emergency treatment centre for ebola in Sierra Leone, is shot from the perspective of STC workers and a hairy occupation it seems to be. It’s clever to have an STC worker in a hijab risking her life.

Save the Children CEO Tanya Steele says: “Our new TV ad kick starts the launch of our three year campaign, Every Last Child, which highlights that millions of the world’s poorest children are being denied life-saving services because of who they are and where they live.

“As well as hoping to bring in essential income, we want to engage and attract new audiences with this TV ad, so we’ve taken quite a fresh, bold and authentic approach to storytelling. By offering a first-person perspective on the work we do, we are putting the viewers in our shoes and demonstrating what life is like for Save the Children staff. We work in the toughest places at the toughest times and we will do whatever it takes to reach the world’s most vulnerable children to ensure that millions of the hardest-to-reach children get an equal opportunity to survive and thrive.”

A&E joint MD Mat Goff says: “This film is gritty and breathless because it’s real. The work Save the Children does on the ground is dangerous, hard and frightening but that is what it takes to reach the children ignored by governments, ostracised by society and stuck in extreme poverty. Save the Children workers are out there right now doing all of this in countries over the world.”

Charity is a crowded market these days so you need to do something different to engage with people who feel rather battered by 24-hour war and destruction on news channels on the one hand and irritated by relentless charity importuning on the other.

Adding a bit of glamour doesn’t hurt. War correspondents have it, so in this film do charity workers. The estimable Médecins Sans Frontières has it in spades.

This raises the bar for charity advertising.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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