The Martin Agency subverts online videos in new comic extravaganza for Geico

No advertiser/agency combo has used online video as well as US insurer Geico and The Martin Agency. To get over a very simple message (which doesn’t appear in all the ads) that “15 minutes saves you 15 per cent” it inverts the online medium itself: last year with its award-winning ‘Unskippable’ series, now with ‘Fast Forward,’ taking a pot shot at pre-roll video ads.

Basically the premise is that you can fast forward these but the ending is so enticingly bonkers that you want to see the whole thing. Got it? Maybe not but they’re worth a look.

Funny how grizzly bears play so well in ads: Canal+, John West back in the day.

Anyway, bonkers as we said. Too bonkers for its own good? Don’t think so.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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