Morrisons unearths ‘Tradition’ in Publicis debut

Morrisons has shifted its account from DLKW Lowe (as was) to Publicis and is the first supermarket out of the traps with its Easter offering. Supermarkets believe Easter is a time for big family gatherings, usually to be found eating roast lamb if they can afford the £20 or so a leg costs. Morrisons probably charges a bit less.

What they’re really trying to do is persuade us that Easter is like Christmas, which, really, it isn’t.

This is perky enough but, as we’ve observed before of supermarket ads in general, sales promotion on the telly rather than advertising.

Actually there does seem to be the germ of an idea here, presumably the one that helped Publicis win the account. ‘Tradition’ it says, ‘Morrisons made it.’ With a reminder that the Bradford-based grocer first set out its stall in 1899. Unlike those interlopers Aldi and Lidl, in the UK at least.

Will any of the supermarket majors surprise us at Easter? Don’t bank on it unless Tesco and BBH send their dysfunctional family to Mars.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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