Volvo promises a safer 2020 in new F&B campaign

Sweden’s Forsman & Bodenfors now has the global Volvo brief (even though the company’s now owned by the Chinese) and this campaign majors on Volvo’s ‘Vision 2020,’ the CEO’s intention that nobody will be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo car by then.

All very praiseworthy and efficiently brought to life by F&B. At the same time as plugging the company’s new, presumably hyper-safe, XC90 SUV.

As we keep saying today, there’s nothing not to like there. Many of Volvo’s rivals do seem to be run by petrolheads, more fixated by track performance than safety.

But it’s all a bit tree-hugging and you expect a bit more from F&B than that.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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