Droga5 makes dire US election debut for Hillary

Election ads are funny things but surely Democratic contender and hot favourite for the nomination Hillary Clinton and agency Droga5 can come up with something more inspiring than this.

David Droga says it’s been 40 years in the making (it purports to show Hillary’s lifelong commitment to ‘children’). Well nobody’s going to come out and say they’re against the little blighters are they?

Clinton has a plateful of problems of course, most notably her puzzling choice of email server as Secretary of State. The most you can say for this is that it doesn’t take any (more) chances.

MAA creative scale: 3.

One Comment

  1. I only worked on a political campaign once… It was a nightmare. You are dealing with people who will prostitute themselves, sell their first born into slavery to achieve office… And more than likely stiff you on the bills. Irrespective of party… They are evil fuckers. Dave Droga should remember the words of Jay Chiat… “I can’t wait to see how big we get before we turn to shit.” It happens to everyone in time. God I need a drink after that.

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