Direct Line teams with vlogger Alfie Deyes to keep death off the roads

The marketing industry has discovered vloggers and these smart young folk are cashing in with a vengeance. Next up is Alfie Deyes, of PointlessBlogVlogs fame, for Direct Line’s new ‘telematics’ campaign (what on earth are telematics?) featuring its ‘Drive Plus Plug In’ device which monitors journeys, records scores and suggests improvements on cornering, accelerating and speed via a ‘Drive Plus mobile’ app.

Alfie, it seems reasonable to assume, is no Lewis Hamilton.

Direct Line head of marketing Wendy Pearson says: “We approached Alfie after discovering his 4.5 million subscribers regularly joke about his lack of driving skills using the hashtag #alfiecantdrive. He is an excellent role model for young people who can inject a sense of fun into our campaign whilst assisting us in our ultimate goal of helping Britons to be better drivers.”

And reduce claims, of course.

No idea how to rate this one – it would require 12 minutes or so of Alfie and time presses.

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