Cloudfactory in Amsterdam wins Heineken’s Strongbow

Heineken has appointed Amsterdam-based creative studio Cloudfactory as lead global creative partner for its Strongbow Apple Ciders brand. The appointment is effective immediately.

220px-Strongbow2012logoStrongbow Apple Ciders is claimed to be the world’s leading cider brand, with a 15 per cent share of the global market. In 2015 it launched in 12 new countries and is currently locally produced in six. Cloudfactory will help develop a new global communications campaign for the brand as it continues to expand into new markets around the world. The campaign will launch in spring 2016.

Strongbow Apple Ciders global marketing manager Jiri Rakosnik says: “Cider is a fast-growing business within Heineken. We have the opportunity to enter new markets, as well as to develop innovations in existing markets. Cloudfactory brings an alternative communications perspective – an approach based on leading by example, and demonstrating that inspirational creative ideas can drive a social purpose movement that causes our target audience to take action.”

Cloudfactory creative partner Jessica Kersten says: “The Strongbow Apple Ciders team has offered Cloudfactory a fantastic opportunity to co-create a new kind of campaign. We collectively believe our approach will enable us to show that the brand inspires consumers by actions rather than words.”

Didn’t we read somewhere that Droga5 was supposed to be handling Strongbow in Europe out of its (then) spanking new London office? Nothing seems to have appeared though (as with much else at D5 London branch). Maybe Cloudfactory can get a move on.

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