Venables Bell sets sail for Celebrity Cruise Lines

Cruising (as in going on a cruise ship as opposed to any other form) is a huge and growing market, one aiming to spread its wings from oldies to younger versions.

We weren’t terribly impressed by Rob Brydon’s recent outing for P&O, now it’s the turn of San Francisco independent Venables Bell to enter the lists in its debut campaign for Celebrity Cruise Lines. Here it’s going in search of a rather more famous traveller than Brydon, Marco Polo, inviting him to answer the “call of modern luxury.”

Making anyone on a on luxury cruise appealing is no mean task. VB&P concentrates (wisely no doubt) on the crew, making them attractive but not airbrushed. It’s what US airlines used to do.

So a promising start to what’s intended to be a big global campaign.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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