PETA’s sex drive is too strong for the Super Bowl

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is at it again; getting an ad banned to rack up views on YouTube and the like.

It’s an old trick but PETA has given it a wash and brush up for the Super Bowl. It’s debatable whether PETA ever had any intention of running the ad – does it have a spare five million bucks for the airtime? – but broadcaster CBS has dutifully stepped in and banned it. Maybe they should have called PETA’s bluff.

But ‘Go Vegan, Last Longer’ has its compelling side and there’s some evidence that a vegan diet can get the blood pumping in useful ways.

It’s had over a million YouTube views since Jan 25 so job (partly) done.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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  1. Banned or not, a lot of people will be talking about this ad.. PETA knows what gets the public’s attention—racy and provocative ads—and found an eye-catching way to tell people about one of the lesser-known benefits of being vegan! A lot of people are probably thinking about going vegan right now and that would good for them, animals, and the environment.

  2. As a marketer, I am all for creating buzz and I know sex sells, but as a mother, I am LiVID that the dumbass ad execs have allowed this to go viral, when every child in our town from age 8 and up have Internet access in their pockets. Thank you iPods. Regardless of whether it shows up on TV, unless parents smash all their kids electronic devices and those of their friends, our children will watch this scene. This will be seen by children and is so wrong on so many levels. pETA and the ad agency who created his have crossed a line here. Shame on them. I am just waiting for the question, “Mommy, what is ‘vegan’?” So mad at my profession right now.