George Parker: Scotts headline Super Bowl build-up

Over at AdScam, because of my huge global audience (It’s my blog, so I can make shit up, OK?) I get many inquiries from wankers who want me to run ads, or host sponsored posts. I turn most of them down because most are for shitty products or services, and amazingly many of them expect me to do it for free. This time last year I hosted what turned out to be a great site… and I’m doing it again this year ‘cos I think it’s best place to get all the info on the ridiculous amount of money clients are blowing on some good and some not so good spots.

Interestingly, they were the first to break the news that Ridley Scott (With help from son Jake, above) will be making his first Super Bowl spot since 1984, for LG … And yeah, they pay me. I am an AdHo, OK? There’s a funny teaser about a “possible” spot for “Clash of Clans.” Featuring Christoph Waltz and Brit James Corden. It’s from the same bunch of Finns who did the Liam Neeson spot last year. If you want to know anything about Super Bowl ads, it’s all on this site. And yes, I am pimping them. As I said, I’m an AdHo!

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